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Churchville Veterinary Clinic


We have an excellent group of animal care assistants who are very caring and loving towards all of our special guests.


Churchville Pet Resort supplies indoor boarding facilities for dogs and cats to help take care of your pet while you are away. We have 5 separate kennel areas which contain indoor runs and cages. Each kennel is climate-controlled with heating and air conditioning, and all have music playing during the day to help everyone feel at home. The facilities and animals are protected by an elaborate burglar, heat, and smoke alarm system connected to a central monitoring center. While here, your pet will be assured excellent quality care and lots of attention. As we have all indoor runs, we individually leash walk all of our canine friends in a special enclosed area outside. It is at this time, after they sniff around and do their "business", that they get their playtime and socialization supervised by our attendants. Extra play time and exercise time may be provided at a minimal additional fee. In addition, many clients love the convenience of having any necessary routine vaccinations, surgery, or dentistry performed while their pet stays with us! All of our guests receive lots of love and attention throughout each and every day!!

Health and Cleanliness

Churchville Pet Resort will provide each pet with fresh bedding every day or as needed if it gets dirty. As bedding is washed daily, we ask that you do not bring bedding from home. This will prevent anything from getting lost, plus we do not want to risk bringing in any fleas! Many dogs will receive comfortable, raised "beds" to lay and sleep on while spending time in their runs. We feed Science Diet brand pet foods, as well as Prescription Diets for those with special needs. If your pet is on a special or prescription diet, please feel free to bring your own food, or if it is in stock, we can have you purchase a bag to be used during their stay! Fresh water is always available to all of our guests!!! We encourage you to bring a couple of toys, chews, or treats as well. These items will have your scent on them, but some toys get destroyed, so bring something you do not mind losing and bring SAFE toys and chews.


In an effort to keep all of our visitors happy and healthy, we require that vaccinations be up-to-date. Dogs will need to have had a distemper/parvo combination shot, bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine, rabies vaccine, heartworm check, and negative fecal. Cats must have received a distemper combination (calicivirus, panleukopenia, and rhinotracheitis) vaccine, rabies, and negative fecal. In addition, all feline patients that go outdoors or that are exposed to an outdoor cat, must have a current negative feline leukemia (FeLV)/FIV test or have an up-to-date leukemia vaccine. All indoor cats with no outdoor exposure need to have a documented negative FeLV/FIV test at some point after they were 12 weeks of age. **IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT** In an effort to protect all of our guests, we will be requiring the Canine Influenza vaccine for all pets staying with us as of January 1, 2010!! The Canine Influenza virus is a highly contagious virus that is affecting dogs throughout the United States. Please call our office to discuss this further with one of our doctors or team members!!


DOGS (daily rates based on weight in pounds)

  • Canine 1 – 50 lbs. $43.00

  • Canine 51 – 100 lbs. $45.00

  • Canine 101 lbs. and up $47.25

CATS -- $36.50/day


Any animals that are receiving medications will be charged an additional $5.00/night (flat fee regardless of number of medications).

We do offer additional walks/play times as well. To inquire about these and other services offered for our guests during their stay, please contact the office directly at (410) 838-0085!!!